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Like the first Christians, we use our houses, or homes, for church. The Bible speaks in 1 Peter 2:5 about people being “living stones” –  i.e. building blocks. Therefore, building people to be a part of wholesome fellowship becomes especially integral in our house church.


The name “living stones” also comes with small units. The size varies from just a few people to “festsamlinga” – a congregation of many! Socially, food and conversation are of significance. We pray together, share God’s Word, and care for each other through everyday life and in our walk with God. In many ways, it becomes like living in a big family - where generations come together.


Outside of the fellowship, we wish to reach people, locally and globally – with the good message we have received: God loves all people so much that He gave Jesus for us.


Huskirken – or the house congregation, is not an arena for the spiritual “professionals”. Those who lead do so because they’re called and equipped. We have a flat structure; everyone is needed in a house church. People are recognized and get to use their talents and gifts; often in new and engaging ways!

Another strong point is the ability to adapt. Young families, youth and elders can have an impact at Huskirken. The house church fits well in both the city and countryside; you don’t need many people to have a worthy local congregation.


House churches will gladly live in networks where there are resources, support, and guidance. Several house churches will come together for ‘storsamling’, where one will see that many share in the vision, joy, and fellowship.

Huskirken is organized simply and because of this, the minimal expenses (wages, rent, etc.), allows for the majority of the income to be accessible for work outside of the congregation.


The house church is a complete congregation also in the areas of baptism, communion, confirmations, weddings, and funerals.

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